Albany Health Campus, New hospital construction


6,000 sqm of landscape design and implement.

The gardens within and around a hospital demand special requirements. Pollination and attraction of bees is unpreferred, while calming scents and diversity of colours, shape and movement within the foliage is desirable.

Hardiness and low maintenance has been part of the scope.

The landscaping includes 6 Court Yards, recreational areas, paving and retaining walls, furniture, artwork and shade sails.


The whole landscaping implement is running over a 6 months period, working collateral with many other sub contractors.

Site preparing earthworks as well as storm water sewerage, main reticulation ring and brick works for retaining walls were the focus of phase 1. Simultanualsy, planting in some specific areas has been installed early, due to imparative limits regarding the accessability of several court yards and areas later on.

Landscaping in Area 1 (Carpark Mental Health)

AHC: Upper Mental Health Area

Nov 2012 .\ Preparing earth levels and brickwork.

AHC: Upper Mental Health Area

Dec 2012 .\ Car park, kerbing and installation of footpaths.    

AHC: Upper Mental Health Area

Dec 2012 .\ Boulders, soil preparation, digging out holes for the grasstrees to come.

AHC: Upper Mental Health Area

Dec 2012 .\ 39 Grasstrees are getting delivered from Perth.

AHC: Upper Mental Health Area

Dec 2012 .\ Soil mix gets levelled out and artificial mounts errected.

AHC: Upper Mental Health Area

Dec 2012 .\ Grasstrees are getting planted, each one with a Bobcat due to their weight.